Android Apk and Pokemon Games

Tricks to Learn in Android Apk and Pokemon Games

Android Apk and Pokemon GamesPlaying Pokemon is super fun because you can collect Pokemon and train them to be powerful pocket monster. When playing the game, there are several things that players should note because it helps the players to get Pokemon rapidly. The first trick that should be noted when playing Android Apk and Pokemon Games is to figure out where Pokemon usually shows up. It turns out that Pokemon loves Pokestop. It is basically a place that players visit when they need some items for the journey. However, it is also a place that attracts so many Pokemon. Therefore, it is a good start to seek Pokemon for collection.

Playing Android Apk and Pokemon Games

The next recommendation is related to how players throw the pocket ball. Throwing is really important because it determines the chance of getting the Pokemon appearing before the player. Some types of Pokemon run away after players fail to capture it. Rare Pokemon or strong Pokemon does that often, and missing opportunity to get such Pokemon is really sad thing. In order to catch such great Pokemon throwing pocket ball properly will help players to get the Pokemon. To do that, players have two methods. The first is throwing the ball straight to the Pokemon. It is the easiest way to get Pokemon for Android Apk and Pokemon Games.

The next trick requires extensive practice. It is called curve ball, and it is not as easy as it sounds. The players need to make circle movement while holding the pocket ball before throwing it to Pokemon. The thrown ball will have curve pattern which is hard to predict especially for beginner. However, it improves experience and chance of getting rare Pokemon. Therefore, the procedure is worth to be applied when playing Android Apk and Pokemon Games.

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