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Tips to Caring Someone with Leukemia

Health tipsIf your family members have leukemia, of course, you may wonder how the exact way to caring them. How is the best way to help them? And what exactly what should you do. Of course, those questions will pass your mind and of course taking care someone with leukemia can be the hard thing for you to do. But, it will only happen when you don’t know how to do it. in this article, we will share about 7 useful tips that you can use to caring someone with leukemia and it will be good for you also who don’t have any family members with this disease because you can know something new that might be really useful for your future.

Of course caring someone with a life threatening illness can be really daunting and of course it will really-really hard. And today’s the oncologist Hetty Carraway, MD, will shares her best tips for you as caregivers.

  • Develop a rapport, be prepared to listen carefully, take the notes and ask a question and be the champion for your loved one. The most important thing for you is to advocate for your loved one.
  • Always wash your hands, get a flu vaccine each year, because cancer patients who undergoing the chemotherapy have a greater risk for infection. So, you need to learn about infection risk,
  • You need to monitor the PICC line. If the carrier has the PICC line or a Hickman catheter, it will be really important for you to change the dressing covering the line site, and make sure if the site doesn’t get wet,
  • Help to manage the chemotherapy side effect, it will be really tolerable for your loved one for managing and also anticipating the side effect,
  • Be understanding, try to be flexible,
  • Find creative and smart ways to keep your family or friend always motivated,
  • Plan ahead of hospital stays, because caring the Leukemia person will take long-term endeavor. You need to make the hospital looks comfortable and familiar. You can add pictures of family, friends, a laptop, and supplies for a favorite hobby.

Those are seven tips that might be really useful for you who having this kind of problem. Keep yourself motivated and be positive, because everything will be okay.

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