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Have Slim Body by Tight Sleep

Health careHave slim body can be done by many ways. One of the ways is sleeping. Are you surprised? Why is it happen? If you have tight sleep, it will cause weight loss. People who sleep 8 hours a day will lose the weight easily than people sleep 5 hours a day even though they consume the same calorie. Sleep is the effective way to get weight loss. Below are 4 tips to have tight sleep that can cause weight loss.

  1. Manage the temperature 19 Celsius

To have tight sleep, you have to decrease your body temperature. You can adjust your AC to 19 Celsius. Sleep in that temperature will burn your fat and make you have tight sleep.

  1. Relax your body for 30 minutes

You have to relax your body for 30 minutes. You may do some activities like reading and doing meditation before sleeping at night. The aim is to keep your energy so you will get enough energy in the morning.

  1. Turn off the bedroom lamp

According to the research, people who sleep in a dark will have a risk of obesity 21 % less than people slept in a bright room. Also, it can produce melatonin hormone that is good for our body.

  1. Doing Yoga

Doing various yoga movement will make you relax. The movement will make you have a high quality of sleep. You are able to so yoga 15 minutes before you are going to sleep.

By having tight sleep, it can help you to get weight loss. Try to sleep 8 hours per day but not too much. Too much sleep will cause another dangerous problem. However, don’t sleep less than 5 hours a day. Also, try to sleep earlier to get a fresh body in the morning. The last, don’t forget to consume a healthy meal every day too.

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