Latest Learnerships 2017

Requirements for Latest Learnerships 2017

Latest Learnerships 2017Some students who have good scores in some subjects in high school have the opportunity to join learnership program. It is a program where students will be taught again with more practical knowledges. Thus it allows them to perform better in practical field such as manufacturers, nursing, education, etc. for the latest learnerships 2017, there are some requirements before students can be accepted to particular learnership program. The first and the mandatory requirement are to pass for more than 50% of the maximum score that students can pass. It is basically similar to a school-leaving examination, but it is also a requirement for entering university.

Latest Learnerships 2017 With Some Requirements

The next requirement that is commonly asked is ability to use English as language for communication both written and oral. It is then accompanied with the ability to use computer to support the work. Both will be tested before getting the latest learnerships 2017. Another requirement that becomes necessary especially in engineering field is the ability to do math accurately. In the brochure, it will be read as having good analytical and numerical skill. Those requirements are basically the additional necessity that will be considered later after the score of your GPA. Even so, they should be prepared before registering to any learnership program.

The next requirement is living in specific region. In order to make sure Africans to not abuse the learnership program for taking chance away from people, this program is only designed for local students which are proven by the ID cards. The latest learnerships 2017 also have age limit, and that means it may be the last time you can join the learnership. Taking any learnership course that you can apply is actually better than being unemployed in the meantime looking for the best learnership. The reason is because of the time limit.

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