Diving Komodo

Recommendation Diving Komodo Required Visited

Diving KomodoDiving in Komodo Island must be important for the list of the diving sports in Indonesia and the world. The underwater world of dragons has more than 1,000 species of fish, 70 species of sponges and 260 species of coral, 10 species of dolphins and dugongs, and many others. Diving Komodo is obliged to do if you claim to be lovers of water sports on this point. The beauty of the underwater world is not only collected in one or the five spot but spread almost throughout the islands of the Komodo dragon. A number of diving location in Komodo Islands makes you have to be smart to choose the spot where the characteristics and conditions of the terrain that suits you dive into.

Must Visit Diving Komodo Spots

On this site, you will see some list diving komodo spots that you must visit while on the island of Komodo. Some of them are around the island of Rinca, about Labuan Bajo, Komodo Island center, Komodo Island the northern, southern and western part of the island of Komodo. They will choose a cool spot to visit. Not only that, they are also willing to be your guide while there to enjoy the natural beauty of the island of Komodo. As a provider of diving services, they have experience in delivering local and international travelers who use their services.

Make sure you already have licensed to be able to follow the dive tour in Labuan Bajo, or you can take a License in Labuan Bajo. If only you are good in diving or you are dive master, it is advisable to you to still use the services of instructors who accompany and guard you when diving, and you can ask for help from these websites to provide instructors for you. It is because there are often many cases that occur during the dive sessions at several spots in Diving Komodo.

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