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Pregnancy Symptoms Indicate that You Are Having Twins

having twinsChance for having twins is resulted by many factors such as women who have a family history of twin pregnancy, women who have been pregnant previously with twins, or women who have had fertility assistance. For those who have been pregnant with twins before, they may be aware of pregnancy symptoms that indicate they will deliver two babies, but for those who have not been, they must do not know about those symptoms. Fortunately, you have found this article which will give you helpful information about symptoms of having twins.

Pregnancy Symptoms of Having Twins

Actually, the symptoms of twin pregnancy are not so much different from singleton pregnancy symptoms, yet the symptoms are felt much earlier. Moreover, for some stages, the symptoms of twin pregnancy tend to be felt clearly than the singleton pregnancy. Here are some symptoms of having twins. The first symptom is you will feel very sick in the early stage of pregnancy. In this stage, it will be difficult to tolerate anything because you consider them as disgusting. The other is you will be sick of foods, smells, appearance of certain foods, and the textures as well. The most common foods you cannot tolerate are seafood, meat, coffee, and tea.

Furthermore, you will want and need to pass urine more frequently than singleton pregnancy. Although, it is common symptom in the early stage of pregnancy, but for the twin’s pregnancy, this is more increased. You will get exhausted more frequently, and you will also feel that you cannot get through each of day. Again, these are common symptoms in early stage pregnancy, but those will be magnified in twin pregnancy. Besides, you will sense that your heartbeat is higher than in normal condition. That happens because heart has to pump great blood volume to supply uterus with oxygen. Those are some symptoms of having twins during your pregnancy.

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