Newest Buick Lacrosse Review

AlldiscoverDiscussing new cars to come is definitely interesting. Moreover, with the fact that manufacturers are creatively craft features that want to be implemented in cars, it goes beyond imagination that people are longing to wait. It is not limited to particular type of car, but for car lovers, every car is always valuable. One of the great cars to come is Buick lacrosse. This car is more affordable if compared to some crazy cars explained in other articles such as Bugatti Chiron and Bentley Mulsanne. The price range for the 2017 lacrosse is around $30,000 and it is the obviously logical price that comes with the trimming. Here is the list of specification that may be useful for those who want to buy it.

Features of Buick Lacrosse

Inside this medium sedan, you can find 5 seats which are luxuriously defined even though they are not as premium as those coming in higher lineups. Though considered as a medium sedan, it provides decent room for either passenger or stuff in the trunk. Some nice features also can be found inside such as safety system. Front airbags, one for driver and another one for passenger, are available for improving safety. With the developed sensor, it is claimed to pop when it is only needed. Some security systems are also available such as automatic crash assistance, damage indicator, and diagnostic. Even better, the sedan is equipped with entertaining features ranging from the audio system, radio receiver, screen, Bluetooth, and much more.

In terms of performance, it is equipped with the V6 engine which is capable of delivering 310 hp. It’s automatic system helps the car to steadily drive, and that actually helps to improve the driving experience with lacrosse. Alldiscover also found something interesting with the transmission behavior which is really nice for this kind of car. That makes this car worth to purchase.

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