how much does a gallon of water weigh

How Much Does a Gallon Weigh Compared to Other Substances?

how much does a gallon of water weighA gallon is pretty common measurement system for people in United States. However, it is worth to note that this system is not standardized internationally. That means, people from outside the USA may be confused on how exactly the measurement referred.  It all happens for most of the common reference for measurement such as distance (miles), weight (pounds), volume (gallon), and temperature (Fahrenheit). Focusing on one point, the volume, many people ask “how much does a gallon weigh?” even though calculator can do the job by using conversion feature, it is actually not accurate at all. The reason is because converting volume and weight requires more effort dealing with density.

Density and Its Impact to How Much Does a Gallon Weigh

Every substance has very unique density. With its density, water weighs 3.78 kg. From this information, it is possible to understand the average effort that is required to lift the water in standard water container. When we talk about other substance such as gasoline, some people may think that the weight of the same volume of water is equal to gasoline. However, it is not true. The weight of gasoline is actually 2.8 kg per gallon instead of 3.78. it is huge different when it is for business and industrial purposes, and that is why playing with density for determining weight from volume is not a wise idea at all. That actually answers “How much does a gallon weigh compared to gasoline?”

Another example that we can show is the weight of a gallon of milk compared to a gallon of water. From the physical appearance, the milk is somehow denser than water and even gasoline. With the change of density, it is expected that the milk weighs more than the other two substances. After some researches, it is found out that milk weighs 8.6 – 4.9 kg depending on the types of the milk. How much does a gallon weigh now? It is truly depending on density of the substance.

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