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How to Make ACES ETM Account?

jcpenney kioskHave you ever known a portal that offers you several plans for the employees of Limited Brands? Usually, this portal will give several benefits to the employees like retirement plans, and then compensation based on performance, also health benefits. This kind of portal also will be able to appreciate every single staff in the company by giving rewards. This portal is called ACES ETM.  Each employee which is authorized will be joined in this portal. This portal gives several access services. Even every single employee will be able to see their schedule of work.

Several Things You Need to Prepare to Make ACES ETM Account

This portal is run by using account so that every employee will be registered here. This portal is only able to be used by those of employees who are still active as an employee. For those employees who is already resigned. They won’t be able to operate the account. The last time they can use this ACES ETM account is for 30 days of termination. If you want to log into this account, then there are several things that you need to prepare. Well, it is different to log in between store associate and home associate. It depends on what kind of employee you are.

If you work as a store associate in the Limited Brands, then you need to prepare employee id and user id. To log in you will enter the employee id without typing the 0 in the beginning of employee id. Besides, you are required to have the password to make an ACES ETM account. Then it will be different if you are working as the home associate. In this case, you will need to provide the network id and password. Those are several things that you need to prepare if you want to make the account of beneficial portal that will help your employees while developing the company.

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