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The Latest Game: Grand Theft Auto 5

gta 5 hackGrand Theft Auto or known as GTA is game series which very popular developed by Rockstar. It begins with open-world 2D game with top-down camera view which is ordinary become an open-world 3D game which is very popular in the same genre. From the gta 5, Rockstar shows its ability to give the fun game and messy game. The story is full of satire which to tease social, politic and popular culture.

What about the Story of GTA 5?

One of the most interesting and fun parts of gta 5 hack is about the story. A big change has offered here. There are 3 characters that become main characters in this game. Each character has a unique personality so the game is more interesting. You will know Michael De Santa who has depression because of his family. The second character is Franklin Clinton the black who want to have a career in a criminal case and he wants to go out from his environment. The last main character is Trevor Philips who is a psychopath and Michael’s friend for many years ago.

The three-character relationship makes the grand theft auto 5 become the most interesting story published a few year ago. The view of this game is also various. The quality of writing is also excellent. It can make you laugh and make you become a more critical person. Why? It is because the game contains satire which is teasing about the social and politic issue. Also, you can find the other protagonist characters are walking around Los Santos. If it happens, you will see many chats which are very interesting to be followed. It is very awesome because gta 5 is very dynamic. Grand Theft Auto 5 is located in Los Santos like the previous game location. However, you cannot visit the similar place in Los Santos from GTA San Andreas. Los Santos in this game is different with the previous Los Santos.

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