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How to Keep the Teeth White

Health careTeeth are a part of your oral health that you should keep it very well. The health of teeth may improve your confidence since you can always smile to show your healthy teeth to others. The parameter of the healthy teeth that you should know is white. Sometimes, because of the lifestyle, some of you may find your teeth color get yellow. In addition, you will also get the plaque stick on your teeth coming from the food you eat. It is better for you to make your teeth keep white for so long. Here are several ways in order to make your teeth keep healthy and white:

  • Do not drink too much dark drink

Believe it or not having too much dark drink makes your teeth get yellow. Hence you can make your teeth keep white and healthy by not having a too much dark drink. Several dark drinks that make your teeth get yellow is such as, coffee and coke. Coffee has been the people’s lifestyle; it would be good if you make it balanced with the water too.

  • Keep it white with coconut oil

Do you know that coconut oil has so many benefits for you? Well, it includes how to whiten your teeth. It is actually easy to use it. Coconut oil may bleach your teeth as it contains the lauric acid that can kill the bacteria on your teeth. Whenever you brush your teeth, it is better for you to add it with the coconut oil on it. Do it in a routine.

  • Lemon juice and baking soda

Baking soda helps your teeth whiten. It can be added with baking soda. You can put a teaspoon of baking soda and lemon water and make it as the toothpaste.

Hence, you can do those ways to keep your teeth white. So, there is no reason for you to keep a smile and show your healthy teeth to others.

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