Home Design with Zebra Print Decoration

RoohomeHome design with Zebra print is a decoration which adopts zebra animal pattern. The color of the pattern is black and white or usually people call with stripe pattern.  The purpose of applying this decoration is to decorate your rooms such as a kitchen, a bedroom, furniture, a living room, and so on. The stipe pattern is considered as cool and stylish. The pattern does not look out of date. Therefore, this decoration can upgrade the home appearance. This decoration is also very unique.

Home Design with Zebra Pattern Decoration for the Kitchen and the Bedroom

Home design with zebra pattern is also very good for your kitchen. Your guest will feel extraordinary when they come to your home. The kitchen is simple but it has amazing decoration. The guests will think that your kitchen is expensive. Also, you can apply this zebra decoration for the kitchen set. Moreover, complete it by choosing kitchen table and chair set with zebra pattern. The zebra or stipe pattern will make your kitchen more elegant. You will see a comfort that will be felt by the guest entering your kitchen.

Zebra pattern is also gorgeous for your bedroom. This design is flexible so it is suitable for both old and young people. Also, it is also suitable for girl or boy. You can make the stripe pattern by painting by yourself. To avoid full decoration, you must avoid applying zebra pattern on the ceiling too. When the wall has a stripe pattern, you may apply white ceiling. Moreover, this pattern is also will give stunning impression if you apply it the bed cover. It will be interesting. Then, you can apply zebra decoration in some accessories like lamp, curtain, photo frame, and much more. This home design idea can upgrade your home into more modern and eye-catching.

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