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Some Good Ways To Deploy Your Troops In Clash Of Clans

clash of clans hackIn order to win so many wars in a clash of clans, you must learn to deploy your troops accordingly based on their strength and their special abilities. You must learn the weakness of your troops to make sure that they will last longer in the opposing village. For example, you must keep your dragon and balloon from the archer tower or anti-air gun. This is because the flying thing would not stand against these defensive building. The thing that you must do is to destroy that archery tower and also anti-air gun with your golem or land troops to give your aircraft space.

Be Aware Of The Defensive Building In Clash Of Clans

It is great to learn about the weakness to prevent your troops to be wasted in some traps or bomb around that village. You must avoid tesla also that will be able to destroy your robot. This is important for clash of clans to predict the place of your opponent hidden defense system. You must have categorized the strength and the specially of your troops to make it efficient and could actually help each other. For example, you must have deployed some troops which could trespass the wall and some troop that could heal your troops.

It usually happens in some newbies player that they do not notice the deploy step of their troops. It could make their wave to be easily beaten by the combination of mortar and also tower which cover the entire village. Some of the giant that they have deployed also get trap in some jumper. That is why, as a good player you must strengthen your troops by upgrading it through research and make it better to resist the defensive tower of the enemy. You can make the troops be better in using their power If you could learn about clash of clans hack in this website.

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