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Game Review: The Walking Dead

Dodo HackWho doesn’t know about The Walking Dead? A television program and comic that very popular. This game is adapted from its television program and comic. As being popular Telltale Game developing this story becoming a game. The walking dead is point and click game that means we don’t have to control the character. What makes it’s interesting is that every choice affects to the other survivor. Meanwhile, you couldn’t guess whose people against you. This game is like the real life, people will be good if they’re saved but when they feel uncomfortable they starting to show their real characters. You could use some game review to had a good starter for playing this game.

The Great Game In Horror Category

In this game, will be playing as Lee Everett. We could decide how Lee makes an interaction with the others. Lee could be a good guy, arrogant or being neutral. Lee’s decision would infect other people, are they friends or rivals. The interaction between characters would be the main point of the game. A good character in the first game could change into evil in the middle of the game. Besides dialog Lee also needs to decide some action in the hard situation. There are not easy choices in this game, all the choices are making you confused and dilemma, there are no rules about good or bad. You can use a game review to find what will happen before you choose the options.

This game could be downloaded in play store freely. Installation processes are not that hard because it doesn’t need payment. But as you all know free games means minus performance. You’ve to add gold coins in other to buy some stuff you needed in the middle of the game. With game cheat, you’ll have unlimited gold coins.

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