Car Accidents between Suzuki and Hyundai Kills Teen

Car Accidents between Suzuki and Hyundai Kills Teen

Car Accidents between Suzuki and Hyundai Kills TeenWhen in the past suicide and drug addiction seems to be the initial causative for teenage deaths, today tragedies seem to be different. Nowadays, there are so many teenage deaths caused by car accidents. It is not because a teenager does not have a right to drive vehicle, but it can be another reason behind it. In some cases, many teenagers are reported to nearly die behind the wheels of either their parents or their friend’s cars. Then, how does it happen?

How the Car Accident happened and Its Casualties

The accident happened around 22:00 on Wednesday evening and it was reported on April, 14th 2016. The accident was reported that it was involving two cars, Suzuki Ignis and Hyundai Getz, and it occurred on the A68 road between St. Boswells and Jedburgh Road near the Lillardsedge Park. The Hyundai Gets was driven by an 18-year-old, Lisa Bahmani which then collided with the Suzuki Ignis with two passengers according to The car accidents were revealed as life threatening by the medevac team and highway patrol officers. The driver of Hyundai Getz, Lisa, died on the scene of the accident. Fortunately, the other people on the accident could escape from death, but left injured.

The other casualties were actually pensioners. A 71-year-old female driver got a serious injury, but she was in a stable condition while a passenger, 78-year-old male, suffered chest injury. The cause of this accident has not been found out yet, so public should not empty talking about the accident and blame the teen. The road in where the accident happened was closed for about 10 hours and then the other drivers were asked to change or switch to the other routes. These car accidents can be such an alert for any teenagers who is on the productive time to be careful on driving.

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