5 Nutrition Facts and Myths about Protein

nutrition factsNowadays, there are several nutrition facts about protein which are in fact remains as a myth. Or in the contrary, there are also a lot of myths spread in the society about the nutrition. The people presume that protein is needed for the formation of muscles. But some also think that it doesn’t take a role in the formation of muscle. There also the others myths about the benefits of protein intake. Within the confusion of those facts and myths about protein and its benefits, here are some explanations which may help you in understanding more about those things.

5 Protein Nutrition Facts and Myths

The first myth that is common spread in the society is an egg is the best source of protein intake. In fact, the white part of egg indeed contains a lot of protein. But, the yellow part of the egg also contains cholesterol and fats. So, you are not suggested to consume too much the yellow part of the egg. It is because it may lead to nerve and heart problem. The second myth is more protein intake could shape your body. Based on nutrition facts, this myth isn’t quite true. The human body only needs 50 up to 80 grams per day. The third myth is still related to the body shape. The more you eat protein the faster your muscle formed.

Again, this myth isn’t true at all. If someone consumes more protein they will have a bigger body, not a bigger muscle. The fourth myth is about the underdone boiled egg is useful in forming the muscle. This myth isn’t also true. It is because the underdone boiled egg is inconsumable by the body. Eventually, the last myth is about the dangerous of consuming too much protein. The myth says that consuming too much protein could corrupt the kidney. Besides, nutrition facts say that it is quite true. Consuming too much protein without doing enough sport and water intake will have a bad effect on the kidney. Thus are several facts and myths about the protein that you have to know.

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